FLALENDAR 2024: Flula Calendar!

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*** IMPORTANT NEWS! If you order Flalendar after Dec 13 it shall be fulfilled and shipped on Jan 1! ***

Flalendar 2024: Flulawood

FLALENDAR 2024 Is Here and is answering the Question: "What if the only Actor Person in all of the Hollywood was Flula?"

What you do receives with Flalendar 2024:

* 13 Fotos of Ikonic Movie Posters but featuring the correct Castings: Flula!

* 8.5" x 11" size, but 17" x 11" when open and hanging on Walls! (Hole is Free!)

* High Quality Paper? Obvious Yes!

* Fotos by @selashiloni and Faces by @flula!

* Flalendar shall Improving your Mood by 103% (at the minimums!) 

Purchase IMMEDIATE and enjoy it Flalendar 2024!