FLALENDAR 2019: Official Flula Calendar!

$ 14.95

** DELIVERY NOTE! Flalendar 2019s are now in Produktion and shall take some Days to complete, so please Be Patience for the Arriving! But they shall be mail to you As Soon As Possibles, to arrive before 2019!! **

Flalendar 2019: "Schwerkraft" (Gravity)!!!

FLALENDAR 2019 Is Here and does answering the Question: "How do it look when you are throwing Items into the Face of Flula?" Answer: It Look Dope!!

Fotos by @selashiloniphoto and Faces by @flula!

What you do get with Flalendar 2018:

* 12+ Fotos of Flula with Items Tossed in and also around his Face and Torso!

* 8.5" x 11" size, but 17" x 11" when open and hanging on Walls! (Hole is Included!)

* High Quality Paper? Oh Yes You Are Knowing It, Person!

* Free Foldout Pinup of Flula and Paper Toilet!

* Flalendar shall Improving your Mood by 103% (at the minimums!) 

Purchase TODAY and enjoy it Flalendar 2019!