FLALENDAR 2018: Official Flula Kalendar!

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Flalendar 2018: "Online Dating Throughout History"!!!

For Years and also Years, History has try to answer Questions like:

* What did Benjamin Franklins nawty, nawty Tinder Profile look alike?

* How did Napoleon attract to Ladys online?

* What Historical Figure did like to take "Gymnasium Selfies"?

FINALLY we are knowing! Because: FLALENDAR 2018!!

Flalendar 2018 featurrs Ancient Dating Profiles discovered by Flula!!

What you do get with Flalendar 2018:

* Online Dating Fotos of Deceased Celebrittys! (see some Detail Images!)

* 8.5" x 11" size, but 17" x 11" when open and hanging on Walls! (Hole is Included!)

* High Quality Paper? Oh Yes You Know It!

* Free 13th Month (Jan 2019) oh yes!

* Flalendar shall Improving your Mood by 18% or perhaps more!

Purchase TODAY and Learn of Historys Mysterys of Love!

** NOTE! These are Dating Profiles, so perhaps these are a little "Mature" and inklude perhaps "Innuendo"! I mean WOW, who did know these Old Ancient Peoples was so very sassi!