FLALENDAR 2017: Return to Innocence - Official Flula Kalendar

$ 14.95

Flalendar 2017: Return to Innocence

Time is a strange thing...Why do it move always in the Front Way? What if it is moving in the Back Direction?  Then soon I AM BABY once more with NO RESPONSIBLES!! This is the Inspiring for Flalendar 2017: Return to Innocence.  Some Infos about Flalendar 2017:

* Flula-As-Baby Fotos for all the 12 Months of 2017 shot by Legend Fotograf Maarten de Boer!

FYI and IMPORTANT: Some of the Fotos I am wearing Not Many Clothes (see some Detail Images!)

* 8.5" x 11" size, but 17" x 11" when open and hanging on Walls! (Hole is Included!)

* High Quality Paper? Oh Yes You Know It!

* Buy More Than One and SAVE Dollars and Cash and Euros! 

* A Good Reason for Jumping Out Beds in Morning (Flalendar is Mood Improver!)