$ 14.95

BOOM! Flalendar 2020 Is Here For You!

Oh yes! The Flula Kalendar -- akas FLALENDAR -- Is Here and SO DOPE! Flalendar 2020 does Answering the Question: "What are the most dopest Musik Albums of all Times? Answer: Every Months of Flalendar 2020!

Fotos by @selashiloniphoto! Faces (and Torsos) by @flula!

What you do receive with Flalendar 2020:

* 13 Fotos of Flula's Most Famoose Album Covers! Jan 2020-Jan 2021!

* 8.5" x 11" size, but 17" x 11" when open and hanging on Walls! (FREE Hole is Included! Ja it is true: HOLE IS FREE!)

* High Quality Paper? I mean Duh and also Ja!

* Flalendar shall Improving your Mood by 126% (at the Minimums!) 

* Make your Wall happy by putting Flalendar 2020 on it! Orders Today!

* And some lücky Flalendar Buyers may also get a Personal Autogramm from Flula!

IMPORTANT! Flalendars Will Not Begin Shipping Until Nov 28 At Earliest!