Big Bang Ball - SOLD OUT!

$ 29.99

Sold Out

Dew to High Demandings, Big Bang Ball is SOLED OUT. Email for Request of More!

Do you enjoy screwing the Earth or perhaps knowing someone who does? <coughing coughing> Scott Pruitt <coughing coughing> Well oh wow are we having the Produkt for you!

Big Bang Ball!!

With Big Bang Ball--as seeing on Conan--you can experient ALL the Pleasures of screwing Earth but with no Side Effects:

  1. No Climate Change!
  2. No Melting of Ice Caps!
  3. No wasting of Non-Renewable Resources!

No Side Effekts! Only the nice pleasure of Earth Shattering Orgasmses!

FINALLY you can make love to your Mama--Mother Earth--and no on will judge you...Oedipus would be so jealousy!

Enjoy Different Big Bang Balls for your Different Desirings:

* Do you enjoy hot and wet times in smooth, freshly deforested Regions? Then grab it Big Bang Ball: Amazon Basin!

* Do you like a cold and rough time where you can release your Carbons to melt some Glaciers? Mmmm then Big Bang Ball: North Pole it is for you!

* Do you like much Lubrication and Danger? Then Big Bang Ball: Middle East, full of lubricating Fossil Fuels and Political Instability, it is the one for you!

Peoples will say perhaps things to you like: “Oh wow, forget MILFs, I am so much loving your MEILF!” (mother EARTH i’d like to f-bomb)

So, stop screwing it the Earth and enjoy instead:

Big Bang Ball!